So there was somewhat of a faux pas on the internet today when Amazon’s AWS S3 service suffer a massive outage which impacting a magnitude of inter-based services, companies, and media outlets. To name a few, companies like Yahoo!, Trello, and even Docker, the world’s leader in software containerization platform.

It is remarkably relevant in times like today for enterprise organizations whose businesses are dependent on public clouds services such as S3 to begin considering the inclusion of those good old hybrid clouds as part of their multi-cloud consumption model and develop contingency plans to reduce the impact of public cloud outages of this magnitude.

Designing and building infrastructures with a distributed data fabric where data can be spanned across multiple clouds (public, private, and hybrid clouds) would be the most effective approach and beneficial and the way to go. Kinda like what the image below is illustrating.

The distributed data fabric is only one of the key pillars of enterprise infrastructures, but it is worth noting that some of the adequate technologies and solutions already exist and are available for the public, private, and hybrid clouds. Let’s work on potentially mitigating the risks for types of outages. Cohesity can help. Let us know, and we can show you how! ?

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