VMware, the current leader in the virtualization industry, has it’s sights set on more than just the x86 hardware market.  They have taken very seriously the idea of doing to the mobile phone computing environment what they did to the x86 hardware computing environment: Decoupeling the sofware from the hardware, and the result — No hardware dependency! It’s called VMware Mobile Virtualization Platform a.k.a (MVP). The acronym, perfectly suiting, for yet one more product that is destined to be another Kobe Bryant, another “most valuable,” on this virtualization dream team.

VMware was known to be working on a mobile virtualization project for some time, and late last year they adquire a company called Trango. Trango was a company based out of France who developed a thin-hypervizor for ARM and MIPS based devices.

While every other companies in the world focuses on getting a working and stable hypervizor for the datacenter to compete with VMware. VMware is  looking into other markets and extending their virtualization prowess as they continue to grow.

In a perfect real world example of that is the the video listed below. This real live demo from VMworld Europe 2009 of what they have done so far with the MVP platform.  This is pretty impressive if you ask me. The fact that you can load multiple mobile phone OS’s onto a single device its just amazing.  The use for something like this goes way beyond the normal consumer market.  Maybe Windows Mobile will stop crashing so much on my phone if I ran it on top of VMware MVP. Give the Cell Phones back to the people!!!

Think about it like this buy the handy device that you like, and run the mobile OS that you like or multiple if need be, fpr multiple purposes. The possibilities are endless, take a look for yourself, its awesome!!!