logical-diagramHigh availability is always one of the top demanded and desired qualities for all enterprise infrastructure designs. Being a critical infrastructure design requirement regardless of what the resource and functional domain topic of discussion may be (storage, compute, network).

As a one-time enterprise architect in the professional services organization at VMware, I can attest to the challenges presented by the demand to satisfy high availability requirements. Doing so while having to adhere to additional business-critical requirements such as infrastructure cost and complexity reduction as part of the same level of considerations. This is hard to achieve without a lot of compromises.

High availability is obtained through multiple levels of redundancy which means purchasing a multitude of a resource (services or devices). This presents many challenges as the more services or devices required to reach the desired level of high availability, the more complex and expensive the management, and procurement of the infrastructure becomes (CAPEX and OPEX).

Enter Virtual SAN, a hyper-converged solution design to meet the enterprise high availability requirements with cost effectiveness all the way around (CAPEX and OPEX). Below is a demonstration of an hyper-converged enterprise infrastructure that is designed to be highly available, and secured across multiple routed networks powered by vSphere, Virtual SAN, and Brocade networking devices. Observe the simplicity in which Virtual SAN provides high availability comparable to 99.9999% of uptime at a fraction of what it would cost to achieve for a traditional infrastructure design, implementation, and management.

If you are interested in the network configuration details and procedures for deploying Virtual SAN across routed networks select any of the sources below depending on the network hardware vendor you may have:

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