vsan-5fd-brocadeIt’s time for a quick update on the VMware Virtual SAN routed network deployments with Brocade white paper! I published earlier this year. By request, the section on Multicast considerations has been expanded and clarified about protocol choices.

The configuration example now includes commands to implement all Multicast functionality in the spine-leaf routed network. Also, we’ve included how to configure a cool Brocade feature named “AutoQoS”.

What this does is a simple-to-implement QoS mechanism to make sure Virtual SAN traffic receives priority should the network experience congestion. With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure the network will most often have to support both the storage and application traffic concurrently, so QoS becomes more important than ever – and being able to configure it in a simple way across the network is incredibly useful and neat.

Download the newly updated paper directly from the link below:

Access the original post – New Virtual SAN Enterprise Networking with Brocade White Paper

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VMware Virtual SAN

To learn more about Brocade Data Center Fabrics  please visit the links below:

Brocade Data Center Fabrics

I want to thank the folks at Brocade for their help and collaboration validating and creating this collateral and putting it together for our mutual customers.


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