final-vforum-2016This summer participated in some of the vForum conference events in North America. I had the opportunity to present and demonstrate VMware’s emerging products and technologies as part of the vForum morning main stage keynote. To make things even better, I got to do this with one of my closest friends in the world, Chris McCain, the Director of Product Management in VMware’s Networking & Security Business Unit. Chris was the mastermind behind one of the most successful customer/partner programs ever done at VMware the “NSX Ninja Program.”

Our goal was to do something full of energy, with the passion we share for the emerging products and technologies being developed at VMware. At the same time, we wanted to make sure that all the customers and partners would understand that the data center of tomorrow is not being built on specific pinpoint products, but instead built on platforms. We wanted to demonstrate some of the emerging technologies that are driving the modernization and evolution of the data center.

We wanted to make a case for products like NSX and Virtual SAN, two of the core pillars of the modern software-defined datacenter architecture and how they offer economies of scale, agility, efficiencies, and security at a level that is unprecedented currently in the industry.

We wanted to do all of this, but aimed to deliver it in the most non-scripted or rehearsed of ways, in our signature “Cowboy style, shooting from the hip” approach. The idea was risky, and it would take a lot of guts for someone to trust us and allow us to do what we did. Even Chris Wolf, the VP and VMware CTO of Americas was all in on the idea after we had a brief discussion in Las Vegas at VMworld. The idea was well received by Elaine Morris, “The vForum Lady” and her team, and they officially invited us to participate in the event.

In the end, after receiving much highly anticipated feedback, we managed to pull off what we set out to do. Chris and I delivered a presentation that was full of energy, but most importantly, our customers and partners were captivated, enthusiastic, and reciprocated the energy that we had hoped for. We demonstrated the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture with Virtual SAN, NSX, vRealize Automation, SPBM and VMware Cloud Foundation.

The vForum shows were a huge success, and I’m so grateful for the team letting us participate and contribute. A special thanks to Chris Waldo, Elaine Morris, Sehra Bremner and every hard-working member of that team for their support.

Below is the recording of our presentation from the very last stop of the vForum conference in Houston.


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