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Many of you out there are probably familiar with Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program, a program designed to recognize the best and brightest leaders in the Microsoft technical community.  This highly esteemed award requires extraordinary dedication to our field including commitment to the technical communities, willingness to share online and offline expertise, the ability to solve problems and make new discoveries, with the goal in mind to help people get the most out of Microsoft products.  Microsoft rewards the commitment of time and dedication by providing MVP’s with access to their GA and Beta software products, privileged information, and access to special events and gatherings that only MVP’s are allowed to attend.  Having a group of elite professionals provides an added resource that further develops and accelerates the company’s knowledge base and progress.

Just recently VMware released the vExpert program, a program which is similar to Microsoft’s MVP, but focused on VMware virtualization technologies. This program is not meant to compete with Microsoft’s MVP program, but rather to recognize the hard work and dedication of their elite professionals from the virtualization communities. VMware will reward its these professionals by providing them with award certificates, gifts, the vExpert logo (badge of honor) and email signature, access to vExpert private communities, free subscription to conference session materials on,  and inclusion in the public vExpert directory, to name a few benefits.

The distinction is awarded every year based on the continuous contribution to virtualization community. The list of vExperts today is comprised of some of the virtualization industry’s biggest contributors and players, some of whose personal blogs you may be reading (and if I’m lucky, some who might just be reading this blog!)  This program is not available to VMware employees.

So, if you consider yourself a highly experienced and knowledgeable virtualization professional, and you are up for the challenge, join the community and start contributing, and you just may earn your badge of honor.

For more details about the program visit the vExpert home page.