emc2 logoEMC has developed and released a set of plugins to enhance manageability of their arrays in VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure 3.  All of the EMC management tools have been integrated with the vCenter API’s to provide access to the VMware administrator.  The following three tools come in very handy for the different features they were designed for:

  • EMC VDI Deployment Tool
  • EMC SRM Automated Failback
  • EMC Storage Viewer

The first and second plugins compliment VMware’s most sought after solutions, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager and VMware View.  The third plugin is a storage viewer that provides information about the EMC arrays in use.  Normally this information is known by the SAN team, but with this update, we can have access to that information via the Virtual Infrastructure Client (VIC). These plugins were designed for vCenter 2.5 Update 2 or later (update 4 is not currently supported).  No word on whether or not they will be availabe for the new vSphere platform when it is released. The plugins were initially set to be available free of charge, but oddly enought the bits are only accessible to partners via the partners site: http://forums.emc.com

If you have EMC Arrays in your environments and would like to get the plugins contact your EMC rep and see what they can do to get them to you.  In the mean time take a look at the demonstration of two of the plugins that I was able to find. Enjoy!

EMC Storage Viewer Demonstration

EMC SRM Automated Failback