Technology has had its revolutions: Calculators and typewriters gave way to bulky computers and word processors.  The birth of the internet made speed the name of the game at home and in the business world, and the beasts of the computer industry grew faster, stronger, and sleeker.  We, the beneficiaries of the revolution, began to work more efficiently and gracefully.  Our reach became global.  We became pathfinders of virtual space.  Now, the next revolution in technology is upon us… and it will be virtualized.


If you have had a keen eye on business technology these days, you may have noticed this paradigm shift.  1000 of the Fortune 1000 companies are using some f

orm of virtualization in their computing environments, whether in labs or production environments.  These companies have learned that virtualization not only works, but that it is the new way.  With such a demand, the world’s largest software companies have poured efforts into the evolution of their virtualization technologies. They have made – and continue to make – investments and announcements about their virtualization technologies and what the future holds for such innovations.  In theory, the sky seems to be the limit.  But what about the reality?  When will this change come?

Well, the company that broke ground in the field of virtualization is now ready to reach for the clouds.  VMware, Inc, the undisputed leader in the virtualization industry, has heard what other software companies have preached about the future of virtualization, and it has this to say: The future is now, and the newest technology revolution can only take place with real innovation.  VMware is ready to deliver new technology today.  It is ready to make real leaps and bounds.  Join the virtualization revolution.  Register for the upcoming live event in April 21, 2009 at 9:00 am – 10:45, PST, Via live Simulcast and see what VMware is already delivering to the world.