PowerShellIt’s no secret that Microsoft’s PowerShell is one of the premiere scripting languages on the market.  It can be used for a multitude of functions and automated tasks in Windows, Microsoft, and VMware virtualization environments.  Below is a series of videos, narrated by Don Jones,that shed light on how to use PowerShell to automate the creation of Windows users.  Like previous posts, my goal with sharing these videos is simple: less time managing VMware, and more time living it up! Don is is the author of some of the best scripting books out there and a frequent contributor to TechNet Magazine.  Take a gander as he explains the nuts and bolts of PowerShell and provides a walkthrough for the automation of Windows user accounts. His advice can come in handy for migrations, deployments, etc.  Watch Don get loose!  And learn from one of the best as you get your PowerShell on!  And if you’re craving more from Don, you can find some links to his published books at Punching Clouds SkyHigh Books Store.

Automate user Provisioning with PowerShell Part 1

Automate user Provisioning with PowerShell Part 2

Creating Custom Profiles with Windows PowerShell

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