Cohesity’s DataPlatform CE on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third and culminating article to my “Hybrid Cloud Series.” With the official release of Cohesity’s DataPlatform CE for GCP, customers are now able to provide enterprise-level protection and recovery capabilities to their applications and data running and stored in Google’s Cloud. The Cohesity DataPlatform CE for GCP runs natively on Googles’s cloud providing customers with the ability to protect their data and applications by efficiently deploying clusters as needed. Cohesity’s capabilities such as deduplication, compression, encryption, and others are available in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via the cloud edition. This release focuses on the support of the following use cases:

  • Cloud Protection and Recovery
  • Back Up and Recover VMs from Cloud Edition
  • Back Up Cloud VMs to On-Premises Cluster
  • Back Up Cloud VMs to Cloud Edition Cluster
  • Replicating VMs in Cloud Edition
  • Disaster Recovery of Views in Cloud Edition
  • Long-Term Retention
  • Storage Tiering

The Cohesity Cloud Edition deployment procedures on GCP are very similar to the procedures of the other supported public clouds (Azure and AWS). In the demonstration below, I cover and explain the process and procedure to successfully deploy a three-node Cohesity cluster in GCP.

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