Oracle LogoUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve all heard about those highly publicized talks about IBM possibly acquiring Sun.  Well, the talks fell through, and in a move that would make Howie Mandel frown, IBM said “No Deal”.  Then came an unforeseen move from left field: Oracle, the database giant, could not let that glowing ball drop.  Sun was up for grabs, and Oracle made the catch.

My take on this is that Oracle is interested in Sun’s virtualization portfolio. Sun had been working on the development of several virtualization products:

  • xVM – Xen based hypervizor
  • Ops Center – Enterprise Management Solution
  • VDI – Connection Broker
  • VirtualBox – Desktop Virtualization

But let’s not forget what other technologies Oracles gets control of:

  • Java
  • Solaris
  • MySQL
  • OpenOffice

Oracle released its own virtualization platform in November 2007.  Their free Xen based hypervizor didn’t make much of an impact in the industry.  But now that Oracle owns Sun, it will probably combine its efforts with Sun’s existing products.  Does this spell competition for VMware’s market share?  Perhaps.  After all, Oracle was once a VMware partner, and they seem very serious about becoming a competitor in the field of virtualization.  In light of this acquisition, it seems that their gloves are off!

Check out the article posted by the New York Times for more information on the financial details of this acquisition.