When it comes to the protection of relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle, the best way to protect their data and integrity is by using advanced data protection solutions that are capable of performing application-aware data backup operations to guarantee transactional consistency.

Organizations of all sizes rely on some the legacy and point solutions that are available in the market today. These solutions try to quiesce transactional activity to provide this flexibility, but in my experience (and in listening to others) this method often results in making a recovery a mess. A Database Admin doesn’t want to perform recovery operations with complex and outdated tools. They want simple tools to perform database recovery from full, differential, and transaction logs.

Check out the “Cohesity’s Simple and Granular Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server” and see how Cohesity’s DataProtect provides the advanced capability, and necessary functions desired by DBA for the protection and recovery of Microsoft SQL Server.

This white paper covers how Cohesity’s application-aware services for Microsoft SQL Server and deep integration with DataProtect simplifies the protection and restoration operations of databases and the other highlighted topics listed below:

  • The Advantages of Using an Integrated Solution for SQL Server Protection
  • Instant Recovery
  • The Server Virtualization Layer and Physical SQL Server
  • Protecting SQL Server and SQL Server Transaction Logs

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Cohesity’s Simple and Granular Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server


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