Just in time for AWS Re: Invent, there is currently a tremendous and undeniable buzz in the industry around hybrid infrastructures and the actual possibilities of enterprise organizations finally being able to adopt public clouds services and begin to transform and expand their infrastructures beyond their walls.

The value of public clouds with hybrid infrastructure and architectures capabilities is undeniable, recognizing those benefits are essential for any growing business to remain competitive in the digital era. With data considered as the new oil, it’s all about information, and there is no transformation without it.

To assist our customers with their enterprise data center transformation towards hybrid architectures, we have been building features and enhancing our DataPlatform that can run and exist on-premise as a physical solution as well in public clouds as a virtual instance.

With DataPlatform CE on AWS, Cohesity makes it possible for customers to use the leading public cloud provider and interoperate with the existing VMware vSphere private infrastructures. DataPlatform Cloud Edition on AWS supports scalable deployments (scale up or scale down) suitable for enterprise vSphere infrastructures. The cloud edition on AWS still features the security, space efficiency, and management simplicity current customers love.

Our Hybrid Cloud Data Fabric will unleash many new possibilities ranging from use cases and integration opportunities that were not available in the past. Here a few use cases:

  • Test/Dev in AWS – Replicate VMs securely, and efficiently from private data centers and recover them in AWS public cloud. This can be cost-effective for test and development. Use your real applications and information for accurate and efficient development and testing.
  • BCDR in AWS – Implement cloud-based BCDR models for testing, compliance, and real disasters. Have the ability to merely fail over and fail back, when it’s suitable.
  • Long-Term Data Retention in AWS – Use low-cost storage resources to satisfy regulatory compliance acts and also archive information for further business analysis.
  • Protect Private infrastructures in AWS – Protect and safely store vSphere infrastructures and other supported platforms, and applications from private data centers directly to AWS public clouds without the need for a local Cohesity cluster.

This is just the beginning there is a lot more to come. I’ll leave you with a demonstration of the fourth use case mentioned above. It’s simple and best of all; it’s now possible.

–    Enjoy

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