A new Microsoft Exchange 2013 on Virtual SAN 6.1 is now available on the VMware Virtual SAN product Resource page. This new VSAN-Exch
reference architecture walks through the validation of Virtual SAN’s ability to support Microsoft Exchange 2013 designed to satisfy high IOPS mailbox configuration with Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAGs). The reference architecture is based on a resilient design that covers VMware vSphere clustering technology and Exchange DAG as well as data protection and recoverability design of Exchange Server 2013 with vSphere Data Protection and vSphere Site Recovery Manager.

Below is a list of topic and focus of the reference architecture:

  •   Illustrates Virtual SAN performance using Exchange Jetstress.
  •   Shows the benefits of minimal impact to the production environment for Exchange Server backup and restore in a consolidated Virtual SAN environment.
  •   Includes a disaster recovery (DR) solution using VMware vSphere ReplicationTM and Site Recovery Manager.
  •   Demonstrates storage performance scalability and resiliency of Exchange 2013 DAG in a virtualized VMware environment backed by Virtual SAN.
  •   Describes Virtual SAN best practice guidelines for preparing the vSphere platform for running Exchange Server 2013. Guidance is included for CPU, memory, storage, and networking configuration leveraging the existing VMware best practices for Exchange 2013.

Adding VMware Virtual SAN to the Exchange 2013 architecture aims at furthering the evolution by providing highly scalable, reliable, and high-performance storage using cost-effective hardware, specifically directly attached disks in ESXi hosts. Virtual SAN embodies a new storage management paradigm that automates or eliminates many of the complex management workflows that exist in traditional storage systems today. Virtual SAN enables IT administrators to easily deploy and administer Microsoft Exchange 2013 on VMware vSphere while still maintaining high availability and reducing costs using a shared infrastructure hosted on ESXi.

You can access and download the new reference architecture white paper directly from here -> Microsoft Exchange 2013 on Virtual SAN 6.1 Reference Architecture.

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