CH-VSAN-LogoHyper-Convergence continues to push the evolution of the data center. The benefits and values introduced are undeniable as the results are visible on all spectrums of data center ranging from cost, operational efficiency, simplicity, risk reduction, performance, resiliency, scalability, and more.

The momentum and growth of Virtual SAN as a primary storage solution in the Hyper-Converged market is another undeniable fact. As the preferred primary Hyper-Converged storage solution for vSphere, Virtual SAN provides vSphere costumers a primary storage platform capable of satisfying the most demanding performance and availability requirements of any virtualized business critical application.

The principal values of Hyper-Convergence are now being expanded beyond primary storage solutions and onto secondary storage solution. Primary storage solutions are design to deliver data services and capabilities suitable for active applications and frequently accessible data. Whereas secondary storage solutions typically design to focus on cold/dark data.

The data services and capabilities of secondary platforms are focused around data management capabilities such as data archival, data protection, space efficiency, etc. Cohesity, a VMware eco-system partner has developed a Hyper-Converged secondary storage platform which complements the principals of Hyper-Convergence and Virtual SAN. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn all about it and see for yourself.

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