Since the release of the DataPlatform Cloud Edition, many customers and IT professionals in the community have been asking for details of the deployment of Cohesity clusters on public cloud service providers.

Well based on the demands I had no choice but to satisfy the request and thanks to many plane rides and long hours of travel I have been able to develop several technical demonstrations showcasing everything that can be performed and achieved with Cohesity in public clouds services such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.

I am going to release all of the demonstrations and content is a series of articles that are going to focus on the consumption of public clouds consumption models and integrations that provide a possible solution for the transformation of traditional private clouds into hybrid clouds.

Be on the lookout for two four-part Hybrid Cloud technical (no marketing) webinar series that I will be delivering and publishing here.

  • Cohesity DataPlatform & Cloud Integration with Microsoft Azure
  • Cohesity DataPlatform & Cloud Integration with Amazon Web Services

For now here is a demonstration covering the simple deployment procedure of Cohesity DataPlatform CE on Microsoft Azure. I will follow up with the deployment on AWS later on. Stay tuned!

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