VSAN+vRA+CHLast week Cohesity unveiled a new integrated solution for Virtual SAN and vSphere. This solution is based on a plugin for vRealize Automation that provides vSphere, Virtual SAN, and Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect customers the ability to configure data protection configuration settings and requirements to virtual machines from the vRealized Automation service catalog.

Customers can leverage the full power of policy-based automation for both Virtual SAN and Cohesity DataPlatform. As a result, enterprises simplify operations and now also include their infrastructure data protection requirements with instant recovery and more efficient provisioning with automation and all while reducing infrastructure management operational risks and lowering the overall cost of operations.

We have built a plugin that is used to expose data protection policies in vRealize Automation.  Application owners using vRealize Automation to provision VMs as a self-service catalog can now select both primary storage policies (supported through VMware SPBM) and data protection policies (supported through Cohesity policies).  It all looks very integrated and seamless to application owners in vRealized Automation and its another step towards achieving full policy-based automation in the Software-Defined Datacenter.

If attending VMworld this week, sign up for session Cohesity & VMware: Simplifying data protection for vSphere [STO8204]. Wednesday August 31, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm where we’ll be showcasing the vRealize Automation plugin solution I have been collaborating with Cohesity for vSphere and Virtual SAN. Come see the solution in action!.


For more information about Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect with Virtual SAN, You can also download the Cohesity and Virtual SAN white paper below:

Simplifying Data Protection For VMware Virtual SAN with Cohesity DataPlatform


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