Cohesity and Pure Storage have combined forces and together have developed an integrated solution that is designed to provide the best possible data management for the mission-critical applications hosted on Pure Storage arrays. Pure Storage provides the fastest all-flash performance for your mission-critical applications. But beyond speed, your mission-critical applications also need adequate data management and protection.

By using Pure Storage snaps, customers get much faster recovery points than using traditional backups where snaps can be taken every few minutes. And now, these Pure snaps can be directly migrated from Pure arrays to the Cohesity DataPlatform for longer-term data management and retention. Cohesity adds a second layer of protection with a web-scale platform that provides best-in-class data services including global dedupe, public cloud integration, global replication and unlimited clones for test/dev workflows.

The Cohesity and Pure Storage integrated solution provide organizations with a multitude of valuable capabilities on the following four categories:

Data Management – Better than just data protection

  • Fast RPO / RTO with Pure snaps
  • 2 layers of protection with Cohesity + Pure Storage
  • Automate data protection with policy-based automation
  • Recover Pure snaps to any Pure Storage array (original or alternate)
  • No backup software to manage

Application Integration

  • Pre and post-scripts for applications protected with pure snaps (quiescing, post backup maintenance)
  • Choice of Pure Snaps and / or application-level data protection with Cohesity DataProtect

NAS and File Shares

  • Distributed NFS and SMB interfaces
  • Complements Pure block storage

Cloud Integration

  • CloudArchive: Long-term retention in the cloud (eliminate tape)
  • CloudTier: Extend local storage capacity with cloud
  • Cohesity Cloud Edition for DR and test/dev in the cloud

To learn more about the Cohesity and Pure Storage solution join the live hosted webcast on January 26 at 11 am. You’re not going to want to miss this webcast!

All-Flash Storage Performance & Consolidation for Your Mission-Critical Apps


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