Cohesity scale-out data management platform provides organizations the ability to standardize secondary workflows on an entirely integrated and fully distributed solution. With Cohesity, organizations can benefit from stringent data protection policies by gaining valuable insight from their data. These capabilities are also inclusive to mission-critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Cohesity’s platform capabilities together with Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange provide organizations an efficient and rapid object recovery solutions for Microsoft Exchange environments. Kroll’s Ontrack PowerControls is a forensically sound class email management tool capable of performing granularly search and restoration of mailboxes, messages, attachments and other Microsoft Outlook items without the need of restoring an entire Exchange database.
Traditionally, recovering individual email or public folder objects is a complicated and time-consuming process for infrastructure administrators. With Cohesity’s solutions, organizations gain the ability to perform fast, granular search and recoveries of Microsoft Exchange environments without the need to carry out full restores to retrieve small individual objects.

Removing the need to perform full mail database restores while leaving the backups in place eliminates infrastructure management complexity and operational overhead.
Cohesity’s DataPlatform and OnTrack PowerControls for Exchange combined to deliver the best in class granular level recovery solution that is also backed by the infinite scale of a fully integrated data protection solution.
For more details on the solution download the white paper from the link below and visit Cohesity’s resource page for the continuous updates.

Cohesity Granular Recovery for Microsoft Exchange White Paper


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