VMworld 2019 Sessions

The summer’s most popular virtualization conference will take place by the Bay!!. After a number of years in good old Las Vegas, VMware is taking VMworld back to San Francisco and the newly renovated Moscone Center. I have to admit the break from the great Las Vegas lights and fun is well overdue.

I will be participating on a couple of panel session covering a number of topics with regards to data management, self-service, automation, multi-clouds, service providers, work life balance, and more.

Below you’ll find the sessions name and details, so feel free to add then to your event calendar and schedule if they are of interest. One of the the sessions was highlighted as one of VMworld 2019 top 25 sessions to attend to by Duncan Epping from Yellow-Bricks.

Work-Life Balance is it really that simple? [PD3489PUS]
Feeling tired? Often Upset? Challenges with your colleagues? Too much time away from home? Join us for a panel discussion among five active VMware community members discussing the trials and tribulations of the modern day IT workplace from long hours to intense travel to continuing education requirements. The discussion will include the things that companies have done to help alleviate the pressures as well as those things that have caused even more challenges talking from both a work/life balance and a technological perspective. Starting with a list of the top 5 sources of IT burnout as found in a recent study the panelist will address each one from their own experience as well as a thorough Q&A from the audience.

Wednesday, August 28, 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM

Cloud Provider CXO Panel with Cohesity, Cloudian, and PhoenixNAP [HBI2537PU]
vCloud Director and VMware Cloud Provider technologies continue to deliver hyper-scale-class cloud service-delivery capabilities to VMware Cloud Providers. Key to this is the vCloud Director ecosystem – of which Cloudian and Cohesity are respective leaders in their fields. Come find out more on how VMware Cloud Providers are quickly becoming preferred alternatives to hyper-scale clouds.

Monday, August 26, 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

I hope to see as many familiar and new faces during the sessions as well as the event in general. Make sure to stop by the Cohesity booth in the solution exchange area and say hello. Don’t forget to sign up for a chance to win tickets tot he private Hamilton performance.

HAMILTON Performance at VMworld 2019!
Location: SHN Orpheum Theatre
Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm

HAMILTON is a popular, modern musical on the life of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton. A must-see while out in San Francisco!

– Enjoy

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viLogics Enterprise Data Protection Service (viDPaaS®) Powered by Cohesity

Longtime Cohesity partner, viLogics, aims to disrupt the Managed Service Provider business. In partnering with Cohesity, viLogics offers the industry’s most advanced data management platform for enterprise secondary data and applications as a managed service. viLogics is one of the first Service Provider Partners to earn the Cohesity Powered Trust Mark designation by meeting the strict standards for delivering and supporting secondary data and apps on the Cohesity platform.

With Cohesity’s recent announcement and activation of the Service Provider Program, the viLogics objective is to provide current and future customers with a managed service that facilitates collapsing the management of storage silos and overcoming the challenges of mass data fragmentation. This solution will allow customers the ability to harness the power of secondary data and applications for their respective businesses.

After a recent conversation with Shawn Long, CEO of viLogics, stated that the first Cohesity powered offering is viDPaaS®, viLogics enterprise-class Data-Protection-as-a-Service for virtual and physical infrastructures, applications, databases (MS SQL, Oracle), and primary storage. As a Cohesity Powered Partner, viLogics will offer the full breadth of the Cohesity DataPlatform capabilities and use cases managed service including:

  • Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
  • Object Storage as a Service
  • Analytics as a Service
  • Archive as a Service
  • Filer as a Service
  • Test/Dev as a Service

viLogics has made considerable investments in Cohesity technologies while running these on the Cisco USC Stack. There is a serious commitment to offering differentiated secondary data and apps services and support on top of this platform. Here are some of the benefits viLogics offers as a Cohesity Powered partner and a managed service provider:

  • 100% all US-based service and operating locations with 24/7/365 US-based support.
  • Full SSAE 16 SOC II (TYPE II), PCI, HIPPA, FedRAMP, FISA certified
  • Consumption-based pricing simply pay-as-you-grow (utility-based) models.

In the multi-cloud/hybrid IT world we live in today, the use of technologies and solutions that can help enterprise organization protect, access, and move data safely is of importance. When it comes to enterprise secondary data and applications, make sure the offerings of your service provider are Cohesity Powered and you’re in great hands.

– Enjoy

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The Hybrid Cloud Series: Cohesity DataPlatform CE for Google Cloud Platform

Cohesity’s DataPlatform CE on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the third and culminating article to my “Hybrid Cloud Series.” With the official release of Cohesity’s DataPlatform CE for GCP, customers are now able to provide enterprise-level protection and recovery capabilities to their applications and data running and stored in Google’s Cloud. The Cohesity DataPlatform CE for GCP runs natively on Googles’s cloud providing customers with the ability to protect their data and applications by efficiently deploying clusters as needed. Cohesity’s capabilities such as deduplication, compression, encryption, and others are available in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via the cloud edition. This release focuses on the support of the following use cases:

  • Cloud Protection and Recovery
  • Back Up and Recover VMs from Cloud Edition
  • Back Up Cloud VMs to On-Premises Cluster
  • Back Up Cloud VMs to Cloud Edition Cluster
  • Replicating VMs in Cloud Edition
  • Disaster Recovery of Views in Cloud Edition
  • Long-Term Retention
  • Storage Tiering

The Cohesity Cloud Edition deployment procedures on GCP are very similar to the procedures of the other supported public clouds (Azure and AWS). In the demonstration below, I cover and explain the process and procedure to successfully deploy a three-node Cohesity cluster in GCP.

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The Hybrid Cloud Series: Cross-Cloud Data Management and Compliance with Cohesity in Azure and AWS

Enterprise organizations continue to face challenges when dealing with the effective management of information today. We reached a point where the exponential growth of data generated in the enterprise makes it extremely challenging for organizations to manage efficiently. Data management is a vast functional lifecycle domain that involves numerous characteristics beyond just protection, recovery, retention, and replication of data. With the current and impending data sovereignty and compliance regulations, additional data management characteristics such as analytics, governance, and compliance are of vital importance to enterprise businesses and organizations.

Data today is being classified to be equivalent to oil from currency and value perspective. For enterprise organizations to maximize the value of their data, they must manage the access to information efficiently and efficiently by never losing access and visibility to their data. Institutions must maintain access and visibility to all forms of relevant data for their business, whether it be for services rendered, regulatory compliance, business functionalities, new opportunities, trending, etc.

Satisfying these requirements is challenging from both a technology and operations perspectives. From a technology perspective, the limited capabilities and outdated architectures the majority of the available data management solutions are designed and built as specific point solutions that are unable to fulfill the requirements to manage data according to today’s demands adequately. As a result of these shortcomings, organizations are forced to introduce risky and inefficient solutions with complexed procedures into their infrastructures to manage their data.

From an operational perspective, the ongoing demands to reduce infrastructure cost, collapse management silos, and operational risks, etc., are contentious and at times contradictory when combined with technical requirements and capabilities in-demand by the business. To satisfy the business requirements for the management of information and have the opportunity to comply with the infrastructure cost reduction demands and still get the most value out of their data for business advantage, and compliance.

Identifying modern data management solutions that are capable of performing multiple data management functions that been designed and built with holistic data platform approach capable of spanning and scaling across different infrastructures is the way to comply with the majority of the business requirements and demands for the management of information. When looking at the value proposition, Cohesity offers from a modern data management platform perspective. With Cohesity, enterprise organizations can transform some of their multi-point data management solutions and converged them onto a data platform capable of collapsing multiple point solutions as well as data management silos well beyond data protection and recovery.

Take for instance the need to have visibility to comply with public and private compliance regulations. With Cohesity data platform analytics, organizations can gain visibility into any piece of data that is resident within any of the repositories supported by Cohesity cluster as part of their data lake constructs irrelevant to their retention purpose (archived, tired) and locations. For example, when compliance is an essential factor, there is typically a procedure that may require the movement or copying of data onto separate systems to analyze the data and gain visibility into pertinent information. That process, whatever it will take time, introduce cost, and risks by potentially leaving multiple copies of data and potentially leaving valuable business information exposed and possibly compromised.

What if enterprise organizations could gain secured access and visibility into their data and those capabilities are available on the same platform that is used to protect, recover, archive without potentially having to move data onto different systems for processing? With Cohesity, organizations have visibility into their on-premise and public clouds (AWS. Azure) data and have the ability to validate the contents of their data against regulatory compliance acts such as PCI-DSS (credit cards), HIPAA (patient information and retention), and more.

Think of the potential transformation, agility, cost reduction, operationally efficient, and risk-mitigating value Cohesity can offer to enterprise organizations as a modern data management solution.

Well imagine no more, take a look at the brief demonstration below of what its possible today.

–    Enjoy

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