This week while in between flights I got a chance to catch up with my good buddies John Nicholson (@lost_signal) Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) and joined them on their incredibly successful vSpeaking Podcast for a conversation about Cohesity and secondary storage.

The boys entertained a couple of important topics that go beyond products that are pretty close to my chest. I really enjoyed the conversation with John and Pete and its something that I think it’s worth listening to. We cover many topics as part of our conversation ranging from what’s new with Cohesity 4.0, all the way to vSAN, VMware Cloud Foundation, Amazon, Google, Azure, Cloud adoption, Cloud Consumption, IoT, availability, enterprise and cloud architectures, Cisco, HP and more.

If you have the time are interesting in listening to the conversation, take a quick break and listen to episode 42 of the vSpeaking Podcast. I have to say that John and Pete are extremely entertaining and knowledgeable I guarantee that you will enjoy them have a listen.


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