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As follow up to my previous post on VMworld 2012 Top 10 Most Popular Sessions, here is my second and the last nominated top 10 session for this year.

This session was called “VMware vSphere Cluster Resource Pools Best Practices”. In this session Frank Denneman and I discuss in detail what to consider and calculate when utilizing Resource Pools. This is a topic of extreme importance which has been covered and discussed many times by many of us in the community. This time around Frank put together a good amount of useful information and point out some of the major pitfalls of the use of resource pools. The dynamic resource management capabilities provided by the vSphere platform adds an immense value to any virtualized infrastructure and everyone should know and understand the details

Now, because of the importance and powerful role resource pools plays in the platform as it relates to performance, service level agreements, and integration with other products and solutions, it’s important to understand what they do, what they can be used for, when to use them, and when not to use them.

One of the biggest and most discussed gotchas related to the use of resources pools has been using them as folders. This type of use is loaded with risks and is the type of discussion Frank and I lead in this session amongst others.

Resource Pools are very useful for many reasons, but in order to use them correctly you have to know and understand the details. Our goal for this session was to deliver the deep technical information about resource pools in a very simplistic, and relatable format that everyone could understand. Basically, Frank talks about algorithms, logic, and numbers and make your brain hurt and then I made everyone hungry by relating the information in the form of pizza and pizza pie consumption.

The session was well accepted and people seemed to enjoy it at both VMworld events. For those of you that didn’t get an opportunity to attend VMworld this year here you go.

Below you’ll find the download link to the presentation and you can also watch the session from VMworld 2012 San Francisco.

VMworld 2012 San Francisco – VSP1683: VMware vSphere Resource Pools Best Practices

– Enjoy
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