Top 10 sessions

Earlier this year I got a chance to team up with some of my colleagues and deliver a couple of presentations for VMworld 2012 in San Francisco and Barcelona. Two of those sessions were nominated VMworld 2012 Top 10 Most Popular Sessions.

One of those session was called “Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure”. In this session Duncan EppingAiden Daigleish, Chris Colotti, and myself (Dave Hill was listed as a speaker as well but he could’t make it). We discussed various design considerations topics when architecting cloud infrastructures.

The panel styled session lead by four VCDX’s focused on architecture and design strategies. The initial discussions of the session were   pre-vCloud Suite 5.1 release and therefore the technical and product examples we used initially were based on vSphere 5.0 and vCloud 1.5.

Later that week after the vCloud Suite 5.1 was announced we adjusted and included vCloud Suite 5.1 in our discussions. Overall the topics we covered were based on a building block approach which are irrelevant to any product version in some degree.

Some of the key topics of discussion were on areas such as customers requirements, use cases, capacity management, availability, best practices, compute, storage, security design amongst a few others.

Below you’ll find the download link to the presentation, feel free to download it, and also listen to the session.

VMworld 2012 San Francisco – VSP1169: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure


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