VMware Knowledge Portal

Based on the recent minor product update released today for the vCloud Suite 5.1.0A there is no better time to get up to speed with what’s up and what’s hot with regards to VMware documentation. there is great deal of new documentation and   information that all VMware users and customers have catch up with. Tracking down all the content VMware publishes for all the different products can be very challenging and time consuming.

Recently, VMware released a solution to facilitate the access to published content, and other media. The solution comes in the form of an iPad application design to provide a centralized portable repository that automatically synchronizes with VMware’s content repositories as content is published.

Aside from the accessibility benefit to the documentation one of my favorite features is the access to all the vCloud Suite related videos that are accessible via the application. The videos and content can even be downloaded for offline viewing.

The king of all things automation with PowerCLI Alan Renouf posted an article about the application in which he even presented several screen shots of the application in action.

The VMware KMP application is available of the iPad, not sure where things currently stand for an Android version. For now that of you that have iPad’s get on it. The figure below is a screen shot of the application playing one of the videos

VMware KMP iPad Application with Video

VMware KMP

– Enjoy

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