openstack-sds-sessionIt’s time expand and showcase the strength of software-defined storage at the upcoming OpenStack Summit. Take a look at the abstract of the session I’m scheduled to participate as a speaker and lets’ get that bad boy vote in and into the schedule.

Getting the Bang for your Buck with Software-Defined Storage in OpenStack

OpenStack has become the standard infrastructure consumption layer for a variety of applications. These applications have different storage requirements and being able to provide a storage solution that matches these requirements is critical to ensure the adoption of OpenStack as the cloud platform of choice across a wide array of applications.

It is also important that enterprises that have made significant investments in storage gear are able to leverage those investments for their OpenStack deployments, while still having the choice of integrating newer storage technologies such as hyper-converged storage as they progress forward in their OpenStack journey.

This session will highlight how software-defined storage can enable enterprises to leverage their existing storage investments in building their OpenStack clouds and allow them to add newer technologies such as Virtual SAN as they go forward. The session will include

  • How to use policy driven storage to mix and match traditional SAN and newer hyper-converged storage for providing storage with different SLAs
  • Simplifying management and operation of a storage solution for OpenStack instances and volumes
  • Demo of a vSphere based software defined storage solution providing multi tier storage (SAN, Virtual SAN, NFS, etc) for OpenStack workloads.

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Well, it is almost that time of the year again, the time where we get together for a week in San Fransico with about 20+ thousand or our friends, colleagues, and customers for the most epic virtualization conference in the world……VMworld.

VMworld is nothing short of one of the most mind-melting technology conferences in the world. Here you can witness innovation, learn about the strategic direction of the industry, and have the opportunity learn from the world’s top subject matter experts while still having time for some good old fashion fun.

This year there are a lot of interesting topics being covered in the storage and availability track and I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the sessions in which I will be participating this year. We are about six weeks way from the show, and believe it or not, the sessions are filling up very quickly already. Make sure you sing up this these sessions if they are of interest to you before they are at full capacity. Don’t wait until the last minute!

STO4544 – Using Virtual SAN to Maximize Database Performance
This session will outline the Virtual SAN architecture, giving attendees an understanding of how VSAN works under the hood. The focus will be on VSAN performance and recoverability.
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc
Thomas Larock – Head Geek, SolarWinds

STO5063 – Building SQL Server Geographically Distributed Clusters with Virtual SAN
In this session, SQL Server MVP Denny Cherry will walk through the options available for building a Geographically Distributed Microsoft SQL Server Failover Cluster.
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc
Denny Cherry – Principal Consultant, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting

STO5333 – Building a Stretched Cluster with Virtual SAN
In this session, we will present how to build a stretched cluster configuration on VMware Virtual SAN, in order to expand your enterprise capabilities.
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc
Duncan Epping – Chief Technologist, VMware, Inc

STO5336 – VMware Virtual SAN – Architecture Deep Dive
This session walks you through the architecture decisions made for VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN) product and the reasoning behind those decisions.
Christos Karamanolis – CTO, Storage & Availability BU, VMware
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc

STO5947 – Virtual SAN Operations Management Using vRealize Operations
Are you looking to take control of your day to day operations management for Virtual SAN? Do you want to proactively manage performance and gain visibility across both physical and virtual infrastructures for Virtual SAN.
Rakesh Radhakrishnan – Product Management & Strategy Leader, VMware, Inc
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc

STO6050 – Virtual SAN: The Software-Defined Storage Platform of the Future
Virtual SAN is often dismissed as open platform because of its affinity to vSphere. In this session, we will discuss and demonstrates how Virtual SAN can used as the foundation for an open Software-Defined Storage platform that can satisfy the needs of use cases beyond the traditional vSphere use cases. Virtual SAN’s compatibility with the industry ecosystem provides support for a wide range of hardware components, open protocol access, and software-driven capabilities and enhancements that deliver services beyond vSphere.
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc
Christos Karamanolis – CTO, Storage & Availability BU, VMware, Inc

(This is the session that anyone who interested in HCI and has been considering or is already using Virtual SAN as the preferred HCI solution for their datacenters should not miss.)

VAPP6432-GD – SQL Server on VSAN with Rawlinson Rivera
Building SQL Server Geographically Distributed Clusters with Virtual SAN 6
Rawlinson Rivera – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc
Mark Achtemichuk – Performance Specialist, VMware, Inc

For anyone with spare time and would like to seat down with me one-on-one for an hour and have a more personal discussion about any of the topic related to SDDC, SDS, Automation, Storage and Availability, etc, as it pertains to a specific environment, feel free to schedule time in the meet the expert bar at Moscone Center. I will be more than happy to meet and chat.

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vsan-assessment0logo2The VMware Virtual SAN Assessment Tool is now generally available!!!!

The Virtual SAN Assessment Tool is a usability and manageability tool that is available to the public free of charge. VMware is providing access to this solution using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that is accessible for any new or existing customers interested in Virtual SAN. The tool is designed to provide customers a simple one-stop shop solution for all things related to the assessments of Virtual SAN.

The Virtual SAN Assessment Tool is based on two components, and together they provide data collection and presentation in the form metrics visualization.

  • Virtual SAN Assessment Tool Portal – is a public web application that receives the I/O traces from customers infrastructures and presents the detailed results. It also provides the ability to export the results onto different document types excel, powerpoint, etc.
  • Virtual SAN Assessment Tool Collector – is a virtual appliance (OVF file) deployed in customer environment that collects data and sends it to the portal. The appliance is configured with 4 vCPUs / 8 gb ram / 200 gb disk space, and it introduces a low of overhead while collecting data.


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TheDropIt has been almost a decade since I started working at VMware. I can’t believe how fast the time has passed. In my time at VMware I’ve been presented with many incredible opportunities in different areas of the company and have been given the ability to work with and for some incredibly smart, dedicated, and passionate people.

I started at VMware in the education organization developing and delivering external and internal training around the world. While in that role I also worked on the development of VMware certification programs ranging from VCP all the way to VCDX.

A few year’s later, I was asked to join the professional services organization during the beginning of the internal cloud era and become part of a team leading those efforts. As an enterprise architect, I got the opportunity to work with some of the largest VMware customers and learn about their business challenges and how to address them with VMware technical solutions. Those were some great, fun, long and proud working days.

For the past few years, I have been working in different roles as a member of the Cloud Infrastructure and Storage & Availability technical marketing team. In my time in technical marketing, I have been responsible for multiple storage related products and solutions, and for the past two years, I’ve been the primarily responsible for VMware Virtual SAN and vSphere Virtual Volumes.

These past few years have been amazing with everything that has been going on in the storage world and all the new technologies VMware has brought forward. One notable achievement for me was a project I called “ProjectMagic,” a programmatic solution designed to abstract the knowledge storage infrastructures driven by the utilization of policies through a centralized service catalog.

The solution was demonstrated in a VMworld keynote by Raghu Raghuram, VMware EVP and GM, Software Defined Datacenter Division, and Ben Fathi, VMware Chief Technology Officer. It was a great honor and privilege to see that happen. I have to thank the people who enabled and supported my creative ideas and allowed me to take the time to do such projects. Thank you, Charu and Kaushik.

With all of that being said, the time has come to move onto something new and step away from my previous technical marketing responsibilities and take my passion and creativity to the next level. I’m excited to announce that as of this week I will be taking my talents to the bay area and joining the Office of the CTO in the Storage and Availability Business Unit. I feel privileged, and I’m extremely excited to be working with and reporting to a person whom I have a great deal of admiration and respect, and that is Christos Karamanolis. I can’t wait to get started.

I want to thank both Christos and Charles Fan for the consideration and incredible opportunity. I look forward to the great new challenges ahead. I will continue being one of Virtual SAN’s biggest advocates as well as a supporter of our other storage and availability products and solutions. And don’t worry, mics will continue to get dropped…

See you all at VMworld 2015 US and Barcelona.

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VSAN-Horizon-ViewThis new reference architecture is base on the latest versions of VMware Horizon View 6.0.2 and VMware Virtual SAN 6.0. Virtual SAN’s 6.0 hybrid storage architecture is the focus of the storage design and configuration with real-world test scenarios, user workloads, and infrastructure system configurations.

The hardware utilized in this reference architecture is based on Extreme Ethernet switches and SuperMicro rack mount servers with locally attached storage devices designed to support a scalable architecture and a cost-effective linked-clone desktop deployment model on VMware vSphere 6.0.

This technical paper highlights the results collected from the extensive user experience and operations testing performed, including Login VSI and desktop performance testing of up-to 1,600 desktops, and desktop provisioning operations of up-to 2,400 desktops.

The performed tests reveal the world-class performance and value of the solution at low cost. Virtual SAN’s technology allows easy scalability while maintaining superior performance at a competitive price point. The official document will be publicly available soon from the VMware technical resources page.

In the meantime, you can get early access to the final draft of the white paper directly from the link below.

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